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I proudly use and recommend these brands. 

If you catch one of my live shows with Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons I will normally be using a Sonor SQ1 birch drum kit. I have a collection of great snare drums and I enjoy changing it up from time to time. 

My cymbal setup normally consists of a combination of Paiste 2002 and Formula 602 Modern Essentials. Again, I like to change it up sometimes. I also use some cymbals from their 2002 Big Beat range at home and in the recording studio.

My drumheads are always Remo and I usually have a clear Powerstoke 3 on my bass drum, a coated Ambassador X14 on my snare drum and either clear Pinstripes or coated Vintage Emperors on my toms.

I'm currently using Wincent Hickory 5BXL Precision drumsticks. Sometimes I also use BigGrip grip tape with these.

Protection Racket AAA rigid cases keep my drums safe on the road and I also use their excellent cymbal bags and stick bag.


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